The partners

Professional organizations (ECECT, ECoE, AUTh), that are experts in STEM education, Internet of Things (IoT), Earth observation (EO), GIS, and other related skills, came together to educate unskilled professionals and recent graduates, with the goal of training over 50 individuals per country in the aforementioned and other topics with an environmental focus.


 European Centre for Emerging Competencies and Technologies is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 in Cyprus, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing training in trending technologies and skills for adolescents and adults alike. This is achieved by organizing, co-organizing, and supporting workshops, events, and other dissemination activities that can be undertaken in close collaboration with supporting organizations. ECECT is a coordinator and partner in multiple European projects and is conducting research and providing expertise in topics such as digital skills, IoT, AR/VR, AI, data analysis, robotics, drones, remote sensing, and emerging technologies and skills in the environmental and agricultural sectors, etc.


Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a new, autonomous, and self-sustaining Center of Excellence. ECoE’s mission is to conduct both basic and applied research towards improved understanding, management, and monitoring of natural resources and infrastructures and to offer expert services and products of excellent quality in line with the latest developments in remote sensing and related geospatial technologies or other high-tech tools.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has 44 departments, one of the departments is the Forestry and Natural Environment. The Laboratory of Forest Management and Remote Sensing (FMRS) part of this department, is responsible for training more than 500 undergraduate and about 200 graduate students on all aspects of ecology and management of forest and range resources. The unit carries out graduate and postgraduate teaching and is involved in research in the fields of environmental monitoring and management of natural ecosystems (with a specific focus on wildfire-related research topics among others), exploiting a fusion of earth observation (EO), machine learning (ML)and geographic information systems (GIS) technologies. FMRS also organizes lectures and seminars, national and international conferences, and encourages scientific cooperation and exchange with corresponding laboratories of Greek and foreign organizations, institutes, universities, companies and other public and private enterprises.

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