ReSENSE is an Erasmus+ funded project aims to address the increasing demand for professionals in remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and related technologies by providing vocational training in Cyprus and Greece, focusing on environmental applications.

Professional organizations (ECECT, ECoE, AUTh), that are experts in STEM education, IoT, EO, GIS, and other related skills, came together to educate unskilled professionals and recent graduates, with the goal of training over 50 individuals per country in topics like remote sensing, GIS and IoT.

The project's objectives include identifying labor market needs through research and stakeholder input, creating customized educational materials, establishing an online classroom for blended learning, organizing training events, and disseminating project information. The target group encompasses professionals in small to medium-sized enterprises and new graduates with relevant degrees. The only prerequisite is a relevant degree or diploma, and participants should be motivated to enhance their employability in these emerging fields.

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